At The Import House, our import procedure focuses on our clients individual requirements.



Together we examine your needs and work out how we can help you to improve your products and increase profit by helping your business import to the UK.This is where we work closely with the client to find the best supplier, and the best product. Our UK import process usually takes a few weeks, and is completed at no cost to our client. Upon completion, clients receive detailed reports (including pricing) and, when approved, pre-production samples are delivered to the client for sign off. At the start of the UK import process we create an account on our online management software so our clients can sign in from anywhere to read comments, make comments, and download documents. This management tool allows our client to track the entire process from start to finish.


We use our network to find the best manufacturer and source samples for your approval before moving forward.In the next step of our import procedure, our detailed purchase order has been signed, and we transfer a deposit from our client to the supplier for production to commence. During this stage the client is kept informed of progress constantly, by phone and our online management software. Inspections take place, and post-production samples are sent to our clients for approval. Once approved, we hand over the logistics to our sister shipment company who will communicate directly with our clients, online or by phone, to arrange delivery.


We handle the shipping, import fees and paperwork, and we'll be there with you in person when the first shipment comes in.Two to three weeks will pass while the goods complete their sea voyage. During this time we will ensuring the correct documents are in place, ready for HMRC approval. On arrival we clear goods through customs, pay the correct charges and arrange the actual delivery with our client. During this last stage dedicated client managers are present with the client when their container is delivered, ready to quickly resolve any potential problems at the end of the import process. This is our way of demonstrating our post-sale support, and investing in what we hope will be a long term relationship.