We manage your UK imports in three simplified stages – Product & Pricing, Production, and Delivery. Your dedicated client manager will work closely with you throughout each stage, and all the information is recorded on our online software for your ease of access.


Import Management is our core service. Quite simply put; we become an extension of your company in that we are purchasing your products on your behalf and importing them to the UK. To do this yourself means you have to find and manage your supplier, book foreign currency payments, book your UK Import shipments, ensure you have your paper work in order, and organise payments to HMRC before delivery. You would need to be working with at least four different companies to achieve this. By using The Import House you work with just one.


All we do every day is Import Management – we are the foremost specialists in our field. We quickly find the right source for your product, selected from our list of approved global suppliers. We can negotiate price because of our buying power, and these savings are passed on to our clients. Our UK import service allows us to manage your production and our people on the ground conduct inspections in person, making importing to the UK easy for your business.


We ship samples quickly, efficiently, and affordably through our established logistics chain. Thanks to our long-term partnerships in foreign currency and private banking, we pay suppliers in USD within 24 hours. We offer excellent freight rates because we own an established freight forwarding company, and our infrastructure and import licenses allow us to deliver anywhere in the world.


Our import service can make use of our fulfilment centres, providing you with a platform to sell into Europe and the USA because. We can also offer you the use of our trade finance facilities to assist with cash flow. Finally, we do all of this every day from our Bristol office – and we make it seem easy.


  • Increased margins, due to our buying power.
  • We shoulder the entire workload.
  • More cost-effective than an in-house import department.
  • A long term partnership – we invest in our clients.
  • A focus on excellent service.
  • Decades of expertise under one roof.
  • Access to the USA retail market through our fulfilment service.
  • Dedicated account managers.
  • Bespoke product design.
  • Access to a global network of pre-approved suppliers.
  • Excellent freight rates.
  • Complete transparency throughout our process.
  • Fully insured cargo.
  • We deal with HMRC directly for all clearances and taxes.
  • Unbeatable support, without question.


Our fees are transparent on every order, calculated as 5% of the goods and freight value. Even including our fees, our buying power allows us to deliver the product to your door at a saving.


Sometimes a supplier’s minimum order requirements and our client’s requirements don’t marry. To solve this problem we purchase enough stock and hold it in our warehouse. Our clients then draw this down as they need it – benefiting cash flow and providing an uninterrupted source of stock.

We love to help our clients make their businesses successful. When importing, our growing clients sometimes find the minimum order quantity for their imports is out of reach. Simply put; they can not afford to have such a large amount of cash out of pocket for so long. It would seem that importing was simply beyond their abilities.Not with our Bespoke Wholesale Service. Our clients who enjoy this service provide us with an annual estimate of their product sales, and The Import House purchases and stores the imported goods on their behalf. The delivered price is a little higher, but this covers warehousing and the finance fees to cover the purchase. There are no additional charges aside from the delivery of shipments from our warehouse to the client – and we have our own dedicated delivery vehicles to ensure the very best price.This is a really exciting service for The Import House. We can now offer the financial benefits of importing to a much broader range of clients, and watch as those clients grow their businesses through an uninterrupted supply of product, at a price that is so much more profitable than buying from UK wholesalers. 


The fees for the Bespoke Wholesale service are relative to our standard fees, but we also have to factor in the base cost of warehousing and financing the product purchase. Still, all of our clients who currently enjoy this service are purchasing their products at a significantly reduced amount, compared to buying from UK wholesalers.


We work with public bodies, and private companies who have won public contracts for supply. We understand service, and the need to meet deadlines. Partnering with The Import House to fulfil a public contract will ease the logistics and supply chain management process, whilst increasing profit margins.

The Import House really does partner with its clients, especially when it comes to Public and Private Import Contracts.While tendering for a public import contract is a standardised process, our service levels remain the same. We can work directly for public bodies or we can work on a sub-contract basis, providing our services to the company who has been awarded the import contract.In terms of private import contracts, we can really bring value to both short and long term supply contracts. We are flexible in our approach and we always tailor a solution that best fits our clients’ requirements. 


Our fee scale for import contract work is similar to our standard fees.