Covid mental health !!

Pandemics can be upsetting
For persons, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic can be traumatic. In adults and adolescents, uncertainty and apprehension over a potential illness and what could happen can be daunting and trigger intense emotions. Public health actions can make persons feel alienated and alone, such as social distancing, and can increase depression and anxiety. However to decrease the spread of COVID-19, these acts are required. It’ll help you deal with stress in a safe way.

Stress during the spread of an infectious disease will also cause the following:

Fear and worry about your own health and your loved ones’ health, your financial condition or employment, or the lack of social resources on which you rely.
Changes in habits of sleep or feeding.
Sleeping or focusing problems.
Worsening of ongoing issues in wellbeing.
Worsening conditions for mental health.
Increased consumption of alcohol and other drugs, and/or nicotine.

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