How to work better from home!!

A long commute and working from home was foregoing by more persons. Working outside an office can be a struggle, whether you are a full-time freelancer or the daily telecommuter. What are the most successful ways to set yourself up for success? How can you remain productive and focused? And how do you keep your life at work apart from your life at home?

What Tell the Experts
The days that working from home conjured up a picture of a slacker in pajamas are fading rapidly.

Technological advancements and lower-cost employers have led to more individuals employed outside a workplace than ever before. By one estimation, between 2005 and 2012, telecommuting rose by 80 percent in the U.S. “Flexibility, autonomy, and the ease of working in your own environment are the apparent advantages for staff says Ned Hallowell, author of the upcoming Pushed to Madness at Work. And well finished, working from home will mean a marked rise in output.

Last year a report from Stanford University showed that the productivity of workers who worked from home was 13 percent higher than their office-bound counterparts. When working from home, people sometimes believe they make more progress, says Steven Kramer, a psychologist and author of The Progress Theory, and of all the things that can improve the working life of people, the most important one is actually making progress on substantive jobs.” Here’s how to work successfully from home.

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