On the 70th Anniversary of the Chosin Reservoir Battle, U.S. Embassy and Consulates in China: Respect History, Restore Truth

The U.S. Government office and Consulates in China tweeted today to remember (with honor) the 70th (yearly recognition or celebration) of the Chosin Holding tank (or area) Fight in the Korean War and to restore historical truth. The Chosin Holding tank (or area) Fight was a clear fight in the second fight of the Korean War, lasting 17 days from November 27 to December 13, 1950, during which both sides reserved (for use) 97,000 troops and suffered 63,700 deaths.

Tweets say, on the 70th (yearly recognition or celebration) of the Chosin Holding tank (or area) fight, we honor the 25,000+ UN troops, including from the U.S. and Republic of Korea, who fought at Chosin Holding tank (or area). Their (acts of brave behavior that usually saves lives) allowed UN forces to break through enemy lines, saving 98,000 (people who have run away from their own countries because of bad treatment) evacuated at Hungnam Port. 

This (yearly recognition or celebration) allows us to recognize some facts: the war began on June 25, 1950, when North Korea, with the support of the People’s Republic of China, (suddenly entered a place in an unwanted way) South Korea. Chinese textbooks only refer to the “sudden start of something bad like disease of (war between groups that all live in one country)”.

Mao Zedong encouraged the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to (suddenly enter a place in an unwanted way) the Republic of Korea on June 25, 1950, but he underestimated the strong desire/formal decision about something of the United States to fight next to our friends to protect independent power (of a country) and freedom.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has long honored and praised the Korean War, (changed someone’s mind through force and tricks) the Chinese people through school education and media (talk or information that tries to change people’s minds), (fought for/pleaded for) the military strength of the CCP, and awakened/stimulated anti-American national feeling. 70 years have passed, and the time has come for us to return history to the truth. “Learn from history, one can know the rise and fall”, only by understanding and respecting history can people avoid repeating the terrible event of 70 years ago.

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