What is All You Can Have?


We all want you to find the best deals online with trusted suppliers , the good news is that we have come up with www.allyoucanhave.com where you can find from A to Z.

We give you the information you need to help you choose the right product for you, and we have tips and more information to help you compare the quotes and providers you see in the listings.

How does All You Can Have make money?

AllYouCanHave services are free for you to use and the payment we get from our partners will never change the amount you pay for your product which are chosen from our website.

We get paid by the partners we work with when we help our customers find new deals. The way we get paid by our partners differs depending on the type of product – some of the ways we’re paid include:

For example, we get paid a fee when you click through to get a quote with our partners provider.

How do we use your data?

Your personal information’s safety and security is very important to us, and we do everything we can to make sure you feel confident that your details will be kept secure when you use our site.

We use HTTPS protection on our site to encrypt your personal information and turn it into an unreadable code, and to help keep it secure as it’s sent from your computer or device to our website. When you enter a HTTPS protected area, a small padlock or key will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The main reason we process your personal data is to provide you with personalised comparison quotes that will help to save you money. For certain purposes – for example, to show you a list of quotes to compare – we may share your personal information with some other third parties when needed. These third parties would include our partners, service providers or our channel operators who design, run and maintain some of our channels.

You can find more details about how we use your personal data in our privacy policy

How do you opt out of our emails?

Every email you get from AllYouCanHave will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom which you can click to stop receiving emails from us.

You can also unsubscribe from our emails by logging into your AllYouCanHave account and de-selecting emails – and any other form of communication you want to stop – in your AllYouCanHave profile settings.

Our customer service and data request teams can also help you with any questions you have about your personal data or if you would like to exercise your individual data rights.

How do you find more help?

If you need more help or want to contact us, our help centre has all the information you need.